Innovating for Seniors

We Never Tire of Finding Better Ways



Most people tend to think of innovation as being something more the domain of corporations versus nonprofits. Well, we’re actively working to change that perception by regularly experimenting with new and better ways to accomplish our mission.


Though we’re not a Silicon Valley start-up, we often think and act like one. We have to. The challenges facing seniors are many⎯and growing. We can’t always rely on yesterday’s solutions to address tomorrow’s problems.

Here are some of our recent innovations:


Bringing the Grocery Store to Seniors. Getting to the grocery store is a real difficulty for many seniors, particularly during the pandemic. We wanted to help, and so we partnered with Food Forest, an easy-to-use app allows seniors to purchase nutritious, locally sourced food. They can do this from the comfort and safety of their own homes and have the groceries delivered right to their door. Food Forrest also permits low-income seniors to use their EBT or SNAP benefits. Talk about convenience!


Adding a Little Comfort that Makes a Big Difference. Let’s face it: It’s hard to feel comfortable in your home if you struggle with adult incontinence, as many seniors do, and you can’t afford the products to help manage it. This is why we teamed up with several organizations, including Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank, to provide incontinence products to the seniors we serve. We call it the “Fly & Dry Basic Needs Bank,” and it’s yet another reminder that it’s often the smallest things that make the biggest difference.


Using Technology to Be Sure All is OK. When the COVID-19 pandemic first struck and many seniors were basically stranded at home, we worried about the welfare of those seniors we weren’t already checking in on by virtue of our Meals on Wheels service. So we turned to a web-based platform, called Mobilize, that had traditionally been used for political communications. Our innovative use of an established technology allowed volunteers to make check-in calls from their homes to seniors throughout our service area. These calls helped uncover dozens of seniors who needed our services—or those of other organizations—and we set about to get them what they needed.


Pay it Forward with Pie. Every nonprofit organization leans on fundraisers as one means of generating the financial resources required to fulfill their mission. Always wanting to try new approaches, we decided to create something, well, fresh, a fundraiser that could engage the entire community and one that clearly spoke to our mission. Hence, Bust a Crust! was born. This tasty fundraiser allows people and companies to purchase holiday pies for Thanksgiving and all the proceeds help feed local seniors. Check it out the sweet details here.

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