Meals on Wheels raises funds, food for Goshen tornado victims

Meals on Wheels raises funds, food for victims of the Goshen tornado


emergencyOn the afternoon of July 6, torrential rain and winds blew through the area. Many in the area lost power. Some lost a lot more. Three tornados touched down as part of that storm that afternoon, the most destructive ripping through the community of Goshen.

As soon as the rain stopped, the help started. Meals on Wheels got a call from Fox19, Altafiber and the Bell Charitable Foundation saying they wanted to host a phoneathon to raise money to help the citizens of Goshen, and asked if we would turn that money into aid. We said yes.

As our CEO, Jennifer Steele, said at the time, “The heart of our organization is providing meals and connection to those who need food, care and compassion. Our hearts break for the seniors and other victims of the tornadoes. Along with our partners, we’re uniquely positioned to be there during their time of great need.”

RDI Corporation and TQL Logistics stepped up as partners and agreed to pack the meals and deliver them. Through the phoneathon, residents of Greater C incinnati donated more than $50,000. We immediately began creating shelf-stable meals so the people will have food and energy to clean up and rebuild. Returning to normal after a disaster like this takes months, sometimes years. It’s a long-term effort, and we will be there for them every step of the way.