Volunteering FAQ


How do I go about volunteering for Meals on Wheels?

To begin the process, simply visit our volunteer portal. From there, you can create a profile, submit qualifications and sign up for volunteer opportunities and shifts.  

What sorts of things do volunteers do?

Our volunteers typically help by performing one of the following roles:

•  Snack Packer: Sorts and organizes snack boxes for our seniors.

•  Substitute Driver: Completes 5 to 10 deliveries in one day to seniors’ homes. Note: You drive your own vehichle, and we ask that you clear your backseat/trunk to fit our marine-sized cooler.

•  Room Refresher: Organizes and sanitizes volunteer space and refreshes supplies.

•  Office Assistant: Performs data entry, conducts online research and similar tasks.

•  HQ Improvement Team: Helps with fix-it projects around our headquarters.

•  Special Events Volunteer: Assists with planning and staffing special events.


These volunteer opportunities aren't currently available but will be soon:  

•  Animal Ambassador: Scoops pet food into bags and attaches notes.


Volunteers are also needed for "Love Letters for Seniors," a year-round program. We invite volunteers to write encouraging notes that we can include with our meals. These letters provide our seniors with a little boost and remind them that they are loved. You can write your letters at home and then mail them to us at: Love Letters, Meals on Wheels Southwest OH & Northern KY, 2091 Radcliff Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45204.

If you can’t volunteer but would like to help, consider donating to support our programs that enable seniors to remain safe and comfortable at home. 

Do volunteers who deliver food and go inside seniors’ homes?

Yes, volunteers who deliver meals do go inside the seniors’ homes. 

Can I make this a group activity and volunteer with friends and family, with coworkers or with members of my church or social organization?

Yes, groups up to 40 people are welcomed! The leader of the group should contact our Volunteer Engagement Manager.

Do you have a minimum number of hours one must be willing to volunteer on a particular day?

To practically mange our volunteer program, we ask that volunteers make themselves available for at least two hours on the day(s) they volunteer.

Can I choose the day(s) and time(s) that I volunteer?

Each opportunity has its own unique schedule. Shifts can be viewed in our volunteer portal.

Can I volunteer in the evenings or on weekends?

We host volunteers on the second Saturday of every month from 10 a.m. to noon. If you have a group of 10+, we would be happy to coordinate a time on an evening or weekend based on your availability and our current needs.  

Do I need to make a long-term commitment or can I opt to volunteer just once?

We do have some one-time volunteer opportunities for the following roles (see above for descriptions): snack packer, animal ambassador; etc. Please visit the volunteer portal for more details.

If I am disabled, can I still volunteer?

Yes, we are able to accommodate volunteers with disabilities, though this may limit the available opportunities.

What expectations do you have for volunteers?

We expect all our volunteers to honor our mission and the people we serve, as well as to treat our staff and other volunteers with the utmost respect. We also expect every volunteer will follow the instructions of the manager overseeing his or her work. When you become a volunteer, you will review and sign several documents in the volunteer portal up under qualifications, including a Volunteer Code of Ethics and a Volunteer Agreement. 

Can people under the age of 18 volunteer?

Yes, people under the age of 18 can volunteer. Parents must initiate the sign-up process and attend orientation with volunteers ages 15 up to 18. Volunteers 14 and under must alwaysbe accompanied by an adult while on the premises. 

Is there anything I need to bring with me?

No, just your desire to help our seniors.

Where do I report when I arrive?

Addresses and reporting details may vary for each opportunity. Be sure to check the address and instructions when signing up for your volunteer opportunity. Addresses are also included in reminder emails once you have successfully signed up for a shift. When you arrive, please wash your hands in the restroom and then report to the front desk.

Can I get verification of my volunteer time should I want to share it with my employer or school? 

Yes, you can. If you have a specific form to be complete, please bring it with you. Otherwise, we can provide a letter verifying your service.