Our Mission

We Feed Bodies, Minds and Spirits.

At Meals on Wheels of Southwest OH & Northern KY, we deliver food to seniors who might otherwise go hungry. Each of our 24 meal options—prepared in our own restaurant-grade kitchen—is tasty and nutritious. Many of our seniors receive therapeutic meals to help them manage a health issue, such as high blood pressure or diabetes. 

But what we do is about far more than food, it’s about seeing our seniors flourish as they deserve to. 
You see, we don’t just drive up, ring the doorbell and leave the meal for seniors. We bring their meals inside and chat with them. This helps break up their day and provides an opportunity—often the only one they get on any given day—to share their thoughts, stories, jokes, hopes, and concerns.  
Our interactions also allow us to keep an eye out for our seniors, to spot anything troublesome or worrisome, which we report to the senior’s case worker or family. In other words, it’s not just our food that’s helping seniors remain healthy, but also our attention and genuine concern.
For instance, we’re there for Katherine, whose hands created many masterpieces, but can longer open a can of soup. For Wanda, the one-time social butterfly who is unable to leave her home. For George, a former cop who can no longer monitor his own safety. 
In addition to Meals on Wheels, we also offer Pet Support (food and vet vouchers for our Meals on Wheels seniors) and Cincinnati Senior Services which provide Transportation, Personal Financial Management, Senior Care Coordination, and our OTR Senior Center, for those who need additional support in order to stay independent.
So, yes, we nourish seniors, but our ultimate aim is to help them flourish by enabling them to live as they wish: independently in their own homes where they feel the most comfortable—and alive.